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Waranch & Brown Congratulates New Partners: Michelle L. Dian, Saamia H. Dasti, and Kaitlan M. Skrainar
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Waranch & Brown Congratulates New Partners

Michelle L. Dian, Saamia H. Dasti, and Kaitlan M. Skrainar Waranch and Brown, LLC is pleased to announce the promotion of three lawyers to its partnership ranks. This represents the most gender-diverse partnership group in the firm’s 24-year history. Effective …

Waranch & Brown's 2022 Top 5 of the Year
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A Holiday Greeting from Waranch & Brown

In sincere appreciation of all you do, we are pleased to share our annual holiday eBook: Waranch & Brown’s “Top 5 of the Year.” Inside, we offer strategies for reducing damages, avoiding traps, conserving resources, and staying ahead of the …

Jury consisting of diverse, male and female jurors
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Remember, the Jury Sees Everything

It was the second week of a two-week trial. The lawyers were having a bench conference with the judge, and the Defendant doctor took a minute to check his work phone. Though quick, it did not go unnoticed by the …

Shadowy black and white figure wearing a fedora and trench coat
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The Unapparent Apparent Agent

The emergency room is in chaos. A fugitive, disguised as a hospital orderly, examines a patient when no one is looking. The “orderly” secretly changes the patient’s diagnosis, saving his life. This is the stuff of Hollywood; and, the method …

Empty Courtroom Showing Judge's Bench
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The Emotional Impact of Litigation

Being involved in a lawsuit can certainly take a toll on the healthcare professionals and practitioners we serve, even when the process is working as it should. Not only can it be time-consuming, emotionally challenging, and disruptive, but it can …

Hands gripping prison bars
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Criminal Liability for a Medical Mistake

Medical mistakes happen. But medical professionals don’t go to jail for medical mistakes, right? Well… Recently, a registered nurse in Tennessee inadvertently administered the wrong medication to a patient, which unfortunately caused the patient’s untimely death. The nurse was subsequently …