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Remember, the Jury Sees Everything

It was the second week of a two-week trial. The lawyers were having a bench conference with the judge, and the Defendant doctor took a minute to check his work phone. Though quick, it did not go unnoticed by the …

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The Unapparent Apparent Agent

The emergency room is in chaos. A fugitive, disguised as a hospital orderly, examines a patient when no one is looking. The “orderly” secretly changes the patient’s diagnosis, saving his life. This is the stuff of Hollywood; and, the method …

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The Emotional Impact of Litigation

Being involved in a lawsuit can certainly take a toll on the healthcare professionals and practitioners we serve, even when the process is working as it should. Not only can it be time-consuming, emotionally challenging, and disruptive, but it can …

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Criminal Liability for a Medical Mistake

Medical mistakes happen. But medical professionals don’t go to jail for medical mistakes, right? Well… Recently, a registered nurse in Tennessee inadvertently administered the wrong medication to a patient, which unfortunately caused the patient’s untimely death. The nurse was subsequently …

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Can Your Expert Opinion Get You Sued?

Consider this unusual scenario: A psychologist performs a custodial evaluation in a child custody proceeding. Subsequently, this provider is sued for statements he made in his court-requested evaluation report. Can a health care provider really be found liable for his …