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Empty Courtroom
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Audible in the Courtroom

We’ve all been there — something happens in life which requires you to adapt quickly or face sudden failure. For trial lawyers, those “things” often happen on the eve of trial, making adaptation exponentially more challenging. At W&B, it is …

Waranch & Brown 25th Anniversary Celebration
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Thank You for 25 Years!

Waranch & Brown is proudly celebrating its 25th anniversary defending health care providers and medical institutions across Maryland and Washington, D.C. Founded by Neal M. Brown and Larry M. Waranch in 1999, W&B’s defense litigation practice has built a trusted …

Think Piece Holiday eBook
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A Holiday Greeting from Waranch & Brown

In sincere appreciation of all you do, we are pleased to share a copy of our annual holiday eBook: Trial Tactics and Physician/Practice Tips. Within our eBook, we offer strategies, tips, and ideas for reducing damages, avoiding traps, conserving resources, …

Waranch & Brown Welcomes Maya T. Habash, trial attorney and associate
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Waranch & Brown Welcomes Maya T. Habash

Waranch & Brown is pleased to announce the hiring of Maya T. Habash as trial attorney and associate, effective immediately. “We are thrilled to welcome Maya to our growing team of emerging litigators who deliver value to clients on a …