Generative AI Responsible Use Guidelines

To Our Clients, Partners, Vendors and Staff

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning is integral to our work at Waranch & Brown. As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and the responsible use of technology, we have developed the following Generative AI Responsible Use Guidelines.

These guidelines are intended to foster a culture of responsibility, collaboration, and continual learning as we embrace AI technologies. Many of you are eager to use these tools in your work, and we want to ensure ethical and safe use.

Basics for Using Chat GPT/AI:

  • Do not use Waranch & Brown confidential information with ChatGPT or similar generative AI tools such as Bard, Jasper AI, or ChatSonic. Our data is not protected without a commercial license.
  • Personal and confidential information should never be included in searches. AI systems are trained on large datasets of data. If personal or confidential information is included in these datasets, it could be used to identify or track individuals. Waranch & Brown expressly prohibits the inclusion of personal or confidential information in AI searches.
  • AI systems should be used in accordance with all appliable laws and regulations. This includes laws governing privacy, data protection, and intellectual property.
  • AI systems should be used in a responsible and ethical manner.


This Waranch & Brown AI Use Policy is designed to ensure that AI is used to improve the quality of legal services and to protect the privacy and confidentiality of clients.

Christina N. Billiet, Esq.
Managing Partner
Waranch & Brown, LLC
October 30, 2023