Think On Demand Webinar Series

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Navigating the Stress of Medical Malpractice Litigation

The webinar features esteemed physicians Alice Ackerman, M.D. and Sonny Goel, M.D., and psychiatrist Arman Taghizadeh, M.D., who share valuable insights and “lessons learned” from those who have experienced and counseled others on the challenges of a medical malpractice lawsuit and trial.

Covid Cases Are Coming

Medical Defense attorneys John T. Sly and Saamia H. Dasti from Waranch & Brown discuss the issues that matter most to health care practices and insureds in the State of Maryland.

Visual Thinking – The Importance of Medical Illustration and Demonstration in Visually Educating the Jury

Medical Defense attorney Christina N. Billiet from Waranch & Brown is joined by Lindsay Coulter of ION Medical Designs to discuss the use of medical illustration and demonstration to visually educate the jury.