Appellate Practice

Waranch & Brown, LLC is a full-service litigation firm handling all aspects of a dispute, from pre-suit matters through appeal.

The best way to ensure a successful appeal is through proper preparation. At Waranch & Brown, our Appellate Division is devoted to counseling our clients at all levels of the litigation process. For example, preservation of meaningful appellate issues begins at the pre-trial stage, through motions practice, and continues at trial, through objections and additional motions. Post-verdict, we counsel our clients on the likelihood of success on appeal and strategize on how to best present arguments through appellate briefs and oration.

Our Appellate Division keeps abreast of the appellate trends. We focus on matters of significance to the appellate bench for writs of certiorari and matters impacting the medical malpractice community worthy of amicus curae support.

For additional information on increasing your likelihood of success on appeal, consult the Think Piece below:

Setting the Stage for a Successful Appeal

The following are a few of our recent appellate successes:

  • The Appellate Court of Maryland affirmed the grant of summary judgment in favor of our hospital client, in a matter where we had simultaneously obtained an order precluding key testimony by the plaintiff’s expert, pursuant to a Daubert/5-702 challenge. This matter involved complex issues of first impression in Maryland, including several relating to the appropriate standard of review. Ultimately, the appellate court determined that the trial court was correct in (a) precluding the expert testimony and (b) granting summary judgment in favor of the defense.
  • Recently, the Appellate Court of Maryland affirmed the grant of summary judgement in favor of our institutional client in a premises liability case. The appellant alleged that she sustained permanent neurological injuries from an accident which occurred on our client’s property.  The Appellate Court of Maryland agreed with the trial court, and affirmed its finding that appellant failed to provide adequate expert testimony to support her claims.
  • The Circuit Court for Baltimore City affirmed the District Court’s entry of judgment in favor of our hospital client. Following a de novo appeal, our appellate team successfully persuaded the Court that the hospital’s COVID-19 employee reimbursement policy was clearly defined, applied uniformly and did not constitute a breach of contract.

Please contact April Hitzelberger if we may be of assistance in preserving and executing your appeal.