Video Think Piece: Birth Injury Cases-the BIG Dollar Exposure!

Today’s Video Think Piece is brought to you by partners Neal Brown and Nicole Deford. Below is the video. If you would like read the full transcript, scroll down.

Neal Brown: Welcome to another Waranch & Brown’s Video Think Piece. I’m here with my partner Nicole Deford, and we’d like to talk to you about your biggest exposure, biggest dollar cases, the birth injury cases. We understand they must be handled efficiently and aggressively. So how do we do that here at Waranch & Brown’s that’s different than others?

Nicole Deford: You know first and foremost we know the medicine. We know how to read and interpret the medical records, the fetal monitoring strips, we can tell you the difference between metabolic and respiratory acidosis. We also reach out to our stable of very qualified experts who can assess the mom’s care and conditioning and the baby’s care and condition. We handle these cases efficiently beyond average reporting by advocating for weekly phone conferences with our clients, by Skype sessions even, just to make sure that no one’s in the dark, that we can together assess our best defense strategy. We try to be creative and proactive in every way. What are some of the ways that we do that?

Neal: Well one of the ways that we do, I’m not sure everyone does this, we like to depose the treaters and the case coordinators, the REM management people. We want to know the real costs of caring for this child. We want to use that data to attack the life care planner. We also want to attack the liability experts, and we want to be able to look for opportunities for Frye Reeds, Dauberts, the 20% Rule, anything to be aggressive and attacking experts that come up with these BS opinions. Our job is to try to win this case, whether that means win at trial or win at settlement, we want you to come out on top.

Nicole: So if this approach sounds like it can help ease the pain of your birth injury case, give us a call at (410) 821-3500, or contact us. We are here to help.

Neal: Thank you.

Neal Brown

Neal Brown

Neal Brown is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and a Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated trial attorney. He is a founding partner of Waranch & Brown, where he has devoted his career to defending hospitals and health care providers in medical malpractice and related cases.
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