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Is it ever safe to say “I’m sorry”?

Healthcare providers walk a fine line. They probably chose this challenging career because they are devoted to caring for others. But in today’s litigious climate, using certain words to demonstrate empathy might land them in hot water. For example, “I’m …

Doctors performing surgery
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W&B War Stories: The Daubert Challenge

In this Video Think Piece, Christina Billiet and Kaitlan Skrainar discuss a case they tried — and won — in which they employed a new strategy recently made available in Maryland: the Daubert challenge and evidentiary hearing. This case involved …

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Can You Avoid a Nuclear Verdict?

The stakes are getting higher, and the risks are real. Verdicts against health care entities and providers are becoming more severe and more frequent. The recent Inside Medical Liability publication from Medical Professional Liability (MPL) documents that from 2016 to …