Michelle Dian

Michelle Dian

COVID-19 Update: The Defense Must Go On

COVID-19 does not stop us from raising key issues with the court, including motions to transfer venue.

Recently, one of our healthcare clients had an important venue motion that needed to be resolved and which required thoughtful, detailed oral argument. Fortunately, the Circuit Court for Baltimore City enabled all parties and the court to conduct a remote hearing via Skype for Business.

The hearing process was seamless. We made the best of the format, which allowed us to achieve the appropriate and timely result for our client (a transfer!) when we otherwise may have waited months for an in-person hearing.

The ability of our legal system not only to operate, but operate more efficiently as a result of COVID-19, is promising. While jury trials may be a long way off, the courts are still open for business, and we’ve seen first-hand that remote oral arguments can be successful, if your counsel is well-prepared.

Our next hurdle will be to engage in remote motions practice with witnesses under oath where evidence is presented (i.e., Frye-Reed hearings). We anticipate these occurring in the near future, and will aggressively pursue every advantage offered by the format.

If you have any questions about how the court handled our motions practice or would like us to assist you in court, please call or email us.


During this health crisis, Waranch & Brown has been preparing for the defense of COVID-19 cases on behalf of our clients. We are collecting and updating guidelines and protocols and assembling a first-rate team of medical experts, ethicists, epidemiologists and virologists. And we are studying the research and relevant materials to take full advantage of any immunities or good faith protection for our healthcare providers.

Waranch & Brown has been on the forefront of the defense of healthcare providers for over 20 years. Through COVID-19, and all its repercussions, we will stay by your side.

We hope you find this helpful. If we can assist or advise in any way, please feel free to contact our COVID-19 team leader John T. Sly, Esq., or any member of the firm.

Michelle Dian

Michelle Dian

Michelle L. Dian is a trial attorney and associate at Waranch & Brown. Since joining the Firm in 2014, Ms. Dian has gained considerable experience defending medical malpractice cases, as well as representing physicians and other health care providers in professional licensing and guardianship matters. She has successfully tried cases in the District and Circuit Courts of Maryland.